Sunworks Farm - Chicken - Ground Breast

$18.99 / approx 1 lb

All our chickens and turkeys are certified organic and BCSPCA certified humanely raised. In the summer our poultry are raised free range on pasture with shelters that are moved daily onto fresh grass. The birds have lots of room to run while still having shelters to give them shade from the sun and protection from the rain. The range area and the shelters are surrounded with mesh to protect them from predators. By moving the ranges daily, the birds have access to fresh vegetative grass at all times. This gives our birds a clean healthy environment to thrive in. The birds are fed free choice certified organic grains, vitamins and minerals. In the winter the birds are raised inside to protect them from the cold and unpredictable Alberta winters. They are given ample room to move around and express natural behaviors in barns that have lots of windows to provide natural sunlight. By buying BCSPCA certified humane products you know that the meat that you are purchasing came from an animal that was treated humanely and with respect.